Welcome to our website, YUJO FIRIPIN FOUNDATION Inc.

YUJO FIRIPIN FOUNDATION Inc. is a non-profit educational institution that gives a great opportunity to Filipino who wants to study Japanese language. With support of our Japanese sponsors, YUJO FIRIPIN FOUNDATION Inc. gives scholarship to the selected students. 
For those who want to work in Japan in the future, when they satisfy the requirements, YUJO FIPRIPIN FOUNDATION Inc.recommends you to reliable companies and facilities in Japan.


Ms. Maria Christina Ocampo

YUJO FIRIPIN FOUNDATION Inc. starts its journey in 2015 to strategically invest our resources to achieve specific goals. We are not alone on this journey. Rather, we are accompanied by some reliable organizations in Japan and individuals who work with us.
And what is our goal?
Together, we are helping fellow Filipino nurses and strongly motivated young Filipino who wishes to work in Japan. Our foundation gives access to the opportunities made possible by an excellent level of nihongo (Japanese language) education that will help them in their journey. It was not all about teaching but helping them to pass the prestigious Japan Language Proficiency Test. We are proud to say that some of our scholars are JLPT N2 Holders before their work deployment. Because, we are very much aware that the most important factor between two or more countries is communication. Language barrier plays a critical factor for a successful job. And we are here!
YUJO FIRIPIN FOUNDATION Inc. is here to help and support qualified individuals who are in dire need. We are not just offering language scholarship program, but also the mentally and financially support they need throughout their journey.

Let us work together and reach the success together.