YUJO FIRIPIN FOUNDATION Inc. is a non-profit educational institution that gives chances to Filipino who want to study Japanese language and use Japanese for their future job.With the support of our Japanese sponsors, YUJO FIRIPIN FOUNDATION Inc. gives scholarship, that is, free Japanese language lessons, free dormitory and some allowance to our selected students. YUJO FIRIPIN FOUNDATION Inc. asks our students to pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N3 or N2. To those who pass the JLPT N3 or N2, we are going to recommend them to Japanese reliable foundation or companies for job opportunities.

The founder, Dr Teruyuki Satake, believes that those who are eager to study Japanese and work in Japan become talented human resources capable of playing an active role in a care-giving field, a medical field or other fields in Japan.


  • YUJO FIRIPIN FOUNDATION Inc. is established in July 2015 by 3 Filipino volunteers and one Japanese doctor. 
  • Our school has the TESDA certificate.
    (No. 2018131200074)
  • 1st batch graduates got Japan TITP visa as caregivers and started to work in Japan from 3rd,September,2019. As caregiving field under TITP our 1st batch graduates become the 1st Filipino group that start to work in Japan.
  • 2nd batch students 2018-2019.
  • 3rd batch students
    (scheduled 2020-2021, Currently accepting applications.Please also see this.)


Socail welfare foundation KOHOKUSHINKOUKAI

1 Social welfare foundation KOHOKUSHINKOUKAI, Shiga, JAPAN
Social welfare foundation KOHOKUSHNKOUKAI is our main sponsor. The foundation supports us financially and provides us job opportunities in Japan.

Social welfare foundation

2 Social welfare foundation INOGUCHIKAI, Gifu, JAPAN
Social welfare foundation INOGUCHIKAI is our sponsor. The foundation provides us job opportunities in JAPAN.